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1 day ago
"The companies that prosper in the next decade will be ones that have taken the management-speak of “purpose” and turned it into reality"- Mike Barry former @marksandspencer @Ethical_Corp

Companies can contribute to a #ForestPositive future through NYDF.

1 day ago
WEBINAR: Monday, April 6th by @tfa_Global and @proforest on how to engage with jurisdictional and landscape approaches. https://t.co/xXWF7ZNO5S
Tropical Forest Alliance @tfa_Global
Do you want to know how your organization can engage with landscape & #jurisdictional approaches?

Join us with @Proforest for a #webinar of the Jursidictional Exchange Network on April 6th, 2-3pm CET.

More info & registration: 👉 https://t.co/YbNNEHbltY https://t.co/oVDTOzR1eD
2 days ago
"Collectively, we fell short of our 2020 targets. Against this complex, global, systemic problem...there’s only so much any company, NGO, or government can do alone." @gorissenn @iki_bmu
NYDF Goals lead to a #ForestPositive future through #CollectiveAction

#FridaysForFuture https://t.co/imZU4JBNpK

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