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1 day ago
The Greater Mekong Subregion in SE #Asia has lost 5.1% of its total #forest cover from 1990 to 2015.

A strong forest governance system can help control #deforestation & #ClimateChangehttps://t.co/BOhv5WDdFg

Download “Addressing Forest Governance” pdf: https://t.co/vgilyMJcYL https://t.co/wjdd1LGAWQ
4 days ago
#Farmers are the heroes... When you hear #naturalclimatesolutions are ⅓ of what’s needed, a lot of those solutions will come from people out in the field - from farmers.” - Kevin Robinovitch @MarsGlobal #COP24 https://t.co/wOkhl2voHw
4 days ago
Francinara Soares Baré of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB):
“In the Brazilian Amazon, our way of life protects the balance of the climate and helps fight #climatechange#COP24 https://t.co/ztakcVu5A1

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