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1 day ago
A #sustainable ranching operation ensures zero #deforestation while increasing farming productivity.
Planting trees to restore the #forests also helps create ecological corridors for animals to move through ranch.
@EDFbiz https://t.co/O4YEzHZbYr
2 days ago
Finance strategies for REDD+ and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) can complement each other when coordinated at the sectoral level,
according to a new report from @unredd.
#Download the pdf here: https://t.co/L4NS55zsBM. https://t.co/wxxkOoJ3CK
2 days ago
#Trump’s White House has canceled @NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS), which helped monitor #CO2 sources and sinks. Bad news for the 65 global #forest projects that rely on CMS. https://t.co/DqX7XlOm7c
@sciencemagazine https://t.co/LV8U15Ua3P

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