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7 days ago
🌴 Latest #NYDF Newsletter | August 2019

–New @NYDFAssessment Report
–Upcoming #ClimateAction summit events
–Endorser news
–New guest blog & podcast

Read online: https://t.co/HimXhxhXI0

#Deforestation #NatureNow
#ClimateWeekNyc #NYDFGoal10 https://t.co/wAAQa4VIGr
2 weeks ago
Read the latest #NYDF guest blog post from @Idesam

"Coffee from 100% Amazon terroir revives the forest and involves communities in agroforestry cultivation."

Read here: https://t.co/bPlMxKDtVj https://t.co/z7AriDIios
3 weeks ago
Congratulations to Ethiopia, #NYDF endorser, for planting more than 350 MILLION trees in a day. Wishing long-term success to the Green Legacy Initiative. #NYDFGoal5 #Reforestation #NatureBasedSolutions https://t.co/uRM2Xc4sov
BBC World Service @bbcworldservice
And... they did it 👏👏

Ethiopia has "broken" the tree-planting record, planting more than 200 million trees in a day
https://t.co/D0mJyCZMqd https://t.co/HVCOrb2ep4

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