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24 hours ago
2017 saw 207 activists murdered for defending their land or #environmental #rights, with #indigenous #women being particularly vulnerable to violence.

Read more in the NYDF blog:
“In defense of #nature: women at the forefront.”

https://t.co/9jxAhZMjDe https://t.co/CqmZgtrzT9
1 day ago
New @CIFOR book: “Transforming REDD+”

An evidence-based analysis of #REDD+ implementation so far, covering:

#forest #Finance & Result-based payments
– NDC integration
#Climate smart #Agriculture
– national coordination
– & more

Read & download:
https://t.co/4qpMwEhEdJ https://t.co/3kjIBNARMY
2 days ago
About 1/2 of the world’s lands are under customary land use claims NOT individual property #rights.

Legalizing community ownership would lead to protection of #forests, which would act as CO2 sinks, while also protecting #biodiversity and #food security.
https://t.co/m3Tysxmrfh https://t.co/OMTukMQ4p6

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