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2 weeks ago

Protection, restoration and #sustainable management of #forests 🌳 can help address challenges in #water 💧 quality, quantity and reliability.

Read more in the #NYDF blog “ #Nature for Water”

https://t.co/i7wiUgFxQ9 https://t.co/dKeXgsnQ0e
3 weeks ago
#Indigenous peoples have a long history of #sustainably caring for their lands and forests.

Utilizing centuries of traditional knowledge to maintain #forests that are home to 80% of terrestrial #biodiversity.

Read our blog: https://t.co/bpjbb2WVFb

#NYDFgoal10 https://t.co/AorIZwq7UQ
3 weeks ago
A productive 2020 starts with @CDP’s “Investor Research report”;
which evaluates how well aligned companies are to their commitments of zero net #deforestation in #supplychain by 2020.

Download pdf here: https://t.co/PgdsaPSrFt https://t.co/kNao3o7HWu

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