Event: Forest-Smart Mining to Advance the NYDF and the SDGs

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    Madeline Craig
    Madeline Craig

    UN General Assembly side event: Forest-Smart Mining to Advance the New York Declaration on Forests and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Tuesday, 25 September

    Scandinavia House: 58 Park Avenue New York, NY

    Forests are critical for sustainable development as they provide oxygen, significantly help curb climate change, are home to a majority of global biodiversity and provide livelihoods for nearly 2 billion people. But deforestation is accelerating.

    Mining accounts for approximately 7% of forest loss globally. “Forest smart mining” will be needed to both minimize direct and indirect impacts of mining on forests and to pursue opportunities for positive forest outcomes. This will require public policies, corporate practices and multi-stakeholder partnerships to address economic, social, and governance drivers of deforestation in an integrated way.

    This dynamic side-event will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the relationship between mining and deforestation, present new research findings on forest-smart mining, and provide an overview of the New York Declaration on Forests and its Global Platform. It will highlight examples of forest-smart policies, practices and partnerships and build a shared understanding of what changes, innovations, and new initiatives may be useful to accelerate action.

    Click here to RSVP, and for more information contact eva.gurria@undp.org. Arrive at 9am for coffee and networking.

    In advance of the event, we would like to start a virtual conversation about mining and deforestation. Here are some questions to consider. Please post your responses below.

    1. What are some key challenges to reduce deforestation from mining? Please share some main strategies and tools to address this.
    2. What could be key elements of a global framework to advance forest-smart mining, the NYDF Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
    3. How can we mobilize engagement and action to promote forest-smart mining policies and practices?
    4. How can we use the NYDF Global Platform to accelerate and scale-up action to advance forest-smart mining policies/practices?

    Please feel free to post any comments and questions related to this topic in this thread. We welcome you to use this as a place to engage with others on this issue in the lead up to and after the event.

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    Madeline Craig
    Madeline Craig

    CDP recently hosted a webinar called Biodiversity risks in the mining sector: an investor perspective.

    This CDP webinar aimed at finding out how companies and investors can better understand the risks the mining sector poses as it becomes a growing threat to forests and biodiversity

    To view a recording of he webinar click here.

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    Nicole DeSantis
    Nicole DeSantis

    The latest edition of the NYDF Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2NilNiV captures a summary of the side event ‘Forest-Smart Mining to Advance the New York Declaration on Forests and the Sustainable Development Goals’ at the United Nations General Assembly.

    More details and a report to follow soon.

    – The Global Platform for the NYDF team


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