Costa Rica Breaks Records in Reforestation

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    A project in Costa Rica has planted more than 35,000 trees on degraded lands. 

    An article in The Costa Rica News outlines the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the project as well as challenges in implementing such a large reforestation project.

    Environmental Benefits: In addition to soil quality improvements, carbon capture, and other major land restoration benefits that trees provide, the area also saw macaws and monkeys return to Playa Hermosa and turtles now have shades for laying their eggs, illustrating the support trees provide for biodiversity.

    Social Benefits: the project involves the whole community, with the schools playing a large role, thus motivating the youth.

    Economic Benefits: increased visitors to the area and an increase in economic activity


    • Ecological: selecting the most adequate sites to plant the trees and the types of species to plant based on the biological behavior and adaptation of these species to the sands of the Costa Rica coastline.
    • Financial: As a non-profit project, trying to maintain the growth of the project and its development

    Read the full story here:

    How can initiatives like this overcome these challenges?

    How can we utilize more private support for these projects, such as the support this project had from companies in Costa Rica?

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