Consultations Update #2: April 22 – May 3

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    As of 3 May 2019, the NYDF Global Platform has carried out consultations with 16 endorsers.

    The summary below reflects responses from 22 April – 3 May, including 3 NGOs, 3 companies, and 1 indigenous peoples’ organization, in addition to an informal consultation conducted during the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (see details below).

    Key recommendations:

    • The role of government in recognizing the importance of the NYDF goals is key to getting more companies to sign on and care about the issue of deforestation.
    • In order for companies to be successful in achieving the goals, it is essential to have CEO-level involvement and commitment. This aligns well with CDPs findings on the importance of board-level commitment to ensure the implementation of deforestation-commitments.
    • Supporting governance by producer countries is an essential enabling condition for companies to be successful.

    Key Challenges:

    • There is currently a lack of global demand for deforestation-free products and a need to tackle the demand for forest products.
    • There is a discrepancy between the communications a company does around their deforestation commitment and what is actually happening along the supply chain. The communications and sustainability units and the buyers need to communicate.
    • Certification on its own is an inadequate tool for companies to eliminate deforestation from the supply chain.
    • Companies who are trying to make progress can only make a certain impact and then need the rest of the market needs to follow. Having zero deforestation supply chains does not necessarily solve the problem because there is so much market leakage.
    • Law enforcement is a major challenge because illegal timber is a leading cause of deforestation in many countries.

    Gaps in the NYDF:

    • Now that the NYDF goals exist, more guidance is needed on how to achieve them.
    • Indigenous peoples stress that communicating the value of forests as “forests for life” is important to recognize in the declaration, rather than focusing on “forests for profit”

    Feedback from indigenous peoples:

    • Indigenous peoples remind us that they are facing serious threats, violence and discrimination for defending their land and that international meetings about this topic do not often reflect that urgency.
    • More funding needs to go directly to local communities and indigenous peoples who are managing the forests.

    So far, most endorsers have noted that a key function of the NYDF is to provide a matchmaking service to help create partnerships among endorsers and to put together like-minded endorsers. In addition, there is a need for more national and regional-level dialogues with endorsers to discuss the challenges and the way forward. These meetings need to be inclusive of all stakeholders, including national and sub national governments, companies, NGOs, and indigenous peoples and local communities.

    The NYDF Global Platform consulted with 10 indigenous peoples organizations (both endorsers and non-endorsers) during the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on 26 April discuss a pathway for achieving the NYDF Goals from an indigenous perspective. More details and the outcomes of this meeting will be shared shortly.

    Please respond with any questions or comments below.

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