Consultation Update # 1 April 15-19, 2019

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    Dear NYDF Community,

    The NYDF Global Platform has initiated an open call for consultation to all endorsers in order to gain valuable insights on the barriers and constraints preventing progress, what the needs are to overcome those challenges, and the stories of success where concrete action is having impact. Using these conversations, the NYDF Global Platform will produce a synthesis report, which will share the key messages and lessons learned with the NYDF community, identify leading endorser needs that the NYDF can help address, feature leading NYDF endorser actions to achieve the NYDF Goals, and inform the way forward for achieving the NYDF goals. To mark the 5-year anniversary of the NYDF, the newly-formed NYDF Global Platform will use these conversations with endorsers and the resulting report as a guiding framework to inform the direction of the NYDF Global Platform. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please email

    This consultation is voluntary and all responses will remain anonymous. We will use this discussion forum to share anonymous updates from these discussions.

    Consultation Update #1:

    The inputs below were received from 4 NGOs, 2 National Governments, and 4 Sub-national Governments

    Key Priorities for NYDF endorsers:

    • Forest Landscape Restoration
    • Tying the NYDF goals to the Sustainable Development Goals and showing the value of forests for achieving the SDGs
    • Showcasing the value of forests for climate and biodiversity
    • Sustainable finance models for reforestation and forest protection

    Challenges endorsers face:

    • Linking the NYDF goals with the 3 Rio Conventions (UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD).
    • Communicating the importance of the NYDF and national forest targets to to other sectors, like agriculture, water, finance, etc.
    • There is an investment gap for forest conservation and restoration projects
    • It is difficult for smaller NGOs working on the ground to work with companies and there is a disconnect between the global targets that companies make and connecting that to the national-level initiatives in the countries where the companies operate.

    Endorser perspective on the role of the NYDF Global Platform:

    • Provide a matchmaking service to ensure that endorsers make connections among each other as well as with other important stakeholders
    • Host collaborative events where different endorser groups can discuss shared challenges and to come up with multi-stakeholder solutions
    • Showcase success stories and best practices

    Do you agree with these points above and do you have anything else to add or resources to share? Please comment below.

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