The New York Declaration on Forests is a partnership of governments, multinational companies, civil society and indigenous peoples who strive to halve deforestation by 2020 and to end it by 2030.
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The NYDF outlines ten ambitious global targets related to protecting and restoring forests, which, if realized, have the potential to reduce annual carbon emissions by 4.5 to 8.8 billion tonnes of CO2 - equivalent to the annual emissions of the United States.

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4 days ago
New Webinar Training video: The @NASA #Forest Integrity Project.

An introduction to how to connect to the UN Biodiversity Lab and use it to access and visualize tropical forest #data.

Watch the English version here:
5 days ago
Read the latest @Forest500 report on the most influential companies and financial institutions in forest-risk supply chains. Very useful data for assessing progress on #Goal2 of the NYDF.
Forest 500 @Forest500
40% of the most influential companies assessed in forest-risk supply chains still do not have any deforestation commitments. Read our latest assessment on the 500 most influential companies & financial institutions in the @Forest500 annual report:
6 days ago
MOCUPP is an innovative tool using #satellites to monitor #LandUse changes, poviding farmers, policymakers, & companies with real-time images of commodity production & #forest cover changes.

Read more in the #NYDF blog:

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